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Code management

Functions sorting and planning

  • mysql_connect
  • mysql_query
  • fetch_data
  • mysql_close

SELECT name, email FROM Users WHERE id = 3;

Users.findOne( { id:3 } );

find -name '*.[ch]' | xargs grep -E 'expr'





Web-based code editor Writing/editing functions is more easy using a code editor.
No need to copy/paste from regular IDE to the web interface each time changes are needed.

Job creation wizard Adding a new job is done through a comprehensive wizard, which allow to easily set job configuration.

Functions sorting and settings What functions must run and when ? What arguments each one must receive ?
Defining that can be accomplished in an organized manner.

Job testing Before running in production a job has to be tested. Jobs can run in a virtual environment and display error, debug, info or specific messages.

Jobs logs Logs timeline help to stay up to date with running jobs.
And filters help to find important information inside them.

Server overview Get info on current server hosting jobs runner

Users management Users can't do whatever they want.
Permissions will restrict their cravings.

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